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Fast: Easy to access and get valuable info. Carpon certified dealer network saves your time on car purchasing.

Fair: No hiding price. Guaranteed savings. You are your own decision maker. Never overpay.

Fun: Anxiety free to choose and compare models.

Why choose Carpon ?

Working in the automobile industry for more than 10 years, our sharp team have seen all the tricks, scams, and endless frustration for customers in the car purchase processing. We are tired of working in a system that is sugar-coated externally yet has nothing but cavities internally. We understand your pain and frustration. When you spend hours of research and ends up with nothing valuable but only contact info of a salesperson, we can feel for you. That’s what we here for. Our goal is solve your problem in the short time period. While also GUARANTEED to help you save a bundle. Every. Single. Deal.

From here you can easily find all the newest cars available for sale in the Canadian market along with all their detailed specifications through a user-centric platform. No more repeating research for model comparisons. We will provide you with an estimated savings amount on every single car. When you click ‘buy a car’ button, you will be directed to our certified dealers in your area and all that is left for you to do is drive your car back home.