This is only applicable with ‘Reverse Auction Service’ which will be expected to be launched next time, not custom purchase

1. Why do we charge you?

Carpon charges a small fee so that dealers know you are a serious buyer about purchasing a car. Once dealers know you are serious they'll treat you better and give you a better deal. Simple as that. They also know that Carpon buyers expect great prices, so Carpon always get the best prices possible. Lower than any other way you can buy a car. Guaranteed! If your final deal is on, we pay back the FULL AMOUNT of a coupon price you’ve purchased!!!

2. Do I have to buy a car if I agree or confirm to buy it?

Once you have confirmed it on the real deal, it is a promise between both parties, dealers and you, however, you do not want to choose any of offered prices from dealers at real deal, you will not be eligible to get refund back. We strongly recommend it only when you are ready to buy and confident. Accumulation of both parties’ credibility is the only way to make Carpon services better.

3. Not only for new cars but used cars as well?

Carpon is the only one dealing with Used Cars transaction as well as Brand-new cars.

4. Can I use Carpon to get a lease?

Absolutely. Carpon can be used to negotiate a lease on a new car as well.

5. Is my information protected? If so, how do you ensure that?

Sales representatives do not get to see your personal information until the deal is on. we only show them what kind of car you're looking for and your first name. We keep your full name, email address, and phone number hidden from the dealers until you've picked the offer you want to accept, at which point we only give the winning dealer your contact information so that you can arrange a time to pick up the car. Dealers can only communicate with you through a real dealing window. We do NOT sell your information to dealers.

6. How far away are the dealers that give me offers?

It varies based on what type of car you're trying to buy. The most common cars have many dealerships in most cities so you won't have to travel far however, we provide the location of dealers near you so you have two options to choose from.

(1)you can get your car serviced ANYWHERE, it doesn't have to be at the dealership from which you bought it. Your local dealership will be more than happy to service your car, even if you didn't buy it there; and (2) you're buying something that is worth thousands of dollars. Driving for a couple hours is totally worth it if it means an extra couple thousand dollars in savings.

7. How do I pick the best deal?

It's a personal decision and the best deal is different for everyone. Carpon provides you with offer a comparison viewer tool you can use to help make a decision , but at the end of the day it's completely up to you. Just remember, the offer with the lowest price isn't necessarily the best deal--you should choose based on which one gives you the most "bang for your buck.“

8. Is Carpon available outside of Canada?

Carpon is only available in Canada currently.

9. Where and when do I pay for the car?

You pay for the car at the dealership after you confirmed to buy a car. You do NOT pay for the car through Carpon!

10. Will dealers haggle with me when I go to the dealership?

Absolutely not. Carpon has relationships with all of its dealers and they have agreed not to haggle with Carpon buyers since you've already agreed on the price of the car. If for some reason a dealer tries to haggle with you when you go to pick up your car, you should leave, then report it to us immediately. We will call the dealer for you and make sure that they understand that they're not allowed to do that. Then you can either go back, or you can pick a different offer to accept if you really didn’t like the dealer.